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Aston Sheds is a Birmingham company with a large selection of wooden garden sheds for sale. Making and supplying a wide range of garden storage, workshops, Summerhouses & Playhouses. Installation available on most wooden buildings, plus cheap delivery over our 30 mile free radius. Order Now !!.

About Aston Sheds in Birmingham, West Midlands

How we began making sheds showing our past to present finding the best materials to make quality wooden garden buildings that are cost effective and reduced maintenance.

How Aston Sheds Began.

Aston Sheds is a small company in the center of Birmingham. Over many years Shed making experience we pride ourselves on a very high standard of finishing we specialize in making attractive strong and spacious garden sheds, playhouses, bird aviaries and dog kennels at the lowest price possible.

Aston sheds in Birmingham originated in 1997 as a small concern making small kennels, rabbit hutches and small storage items for the garden. 

Back in those early days an abundance of wood could be sourced in the likes of pallets , package boxes and other miscellaneous wood exporting aids that where basically given away. 

This material definitely had to be looked into for making salable products plus generating a fantastic recycling trend.

Having to strip and denail large quantities of wooden planks and bearers was a difficult process even before we could start to manufacture the products we intended sell.

Operating on this small scale business was a difficult task as the profit margins were extremely tight on all our products. We did however gain  invaluable  experience through the process of trail and error which would be beneficial to us going forward. 

As time went by the availability of the free materials slowly began to diminished as the larger companies were obliged to concentrate more on recycling there waste materials. 

The loss of these free materials created a large problem and we realized that wholesale changes were necessary to continue doing the work we had envisaged.  

We began visiting local timber merchants to seek information on costs of there timber and also advice. We decided we would start to manufacture wooden garden sheds starting with the standard 6x4 and expanding to larger 10x8 garden shed. 

The action plan was to offer our services to local customers the majority of which would just walk into our yard and make inquires. It soon became apparent that this work was seasonal and it became very quite in the colder months. We used this time to expand our knowledge and look to improve our methods of manufacturing our garden sheds. We achieved this by visiting numerous local garden centres and also our soon to be competitors

Another learning curve was which was the best materials to use while also being cost effective. We decided to go with the tried and tested timber planks rough saw for roof's and floors and ship lap tongue and groove.

The untreated rough saw timber planks were strong but heavy and would put too much strain on the bearers and in some cases causing them to bow. 

Another down side was if the wood had not been treated with a protective wood preservative it would cause the planks to expand. In turn this expansion would create rips in the felt which would contribute to leaks. We sourced different materials to resolve these issues and after using numerous materials we found the smooth finished hardened ply boards to be the best option. They were robust for both the roofs and floors while still providing our customers with a quality product.

At present we have taken into consideration all the pro's and con's from all our past experiences which allow us to use the durable but affordable building materials and provide our customers with valid and relevant information regarding the maintenance of there garden shed. 


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More About Aston Sheds Garden Buildings.

All our wooden heavy duty garden sheds are made from quality materials. The cladding is 12 mm ship lap tongue and groove 12 mm thickness,  framing at 50 mm x 38 mm, the floor and roof are made with wooden boarding at 12 mm hardwood smooth face ply board with the option of an upgraded floor to 18 mm thick.

The wooden buildings are treated in a tan colored water based treatment. We strongly recommend a quality wood preservative to be applied within 2 to 3 months of purchase to maintain the new look of your shed, or you could click on our Extras tab at the top of the page and see our spray and protect service Note exterior only.

Each style of garden shed design has its own section e.g Apex sheds, roof sloping in an A shape, Pent sheds  have a roof sloping either front to back or back to front whichever the customer desires. We make all our styles of sheds in different sizes.

We will also do made to measure sheds, you tell us what you want and we will make the shed to your specification, this applies to all of our products. All of the pictures on our website are of products we have made and installed in and around the Birmingham area. To order the shed of your choice click on the picture, this will take you to the product page, once here you can then customize it to suit by clicking on the drop down menu to pick your required size. Once you are have picked the size this will then show you the price.Then click add to cart then you can either go back to browsing our wide range of products or go to checkout. 

Aston Sheds manufacture and sell numerous sizes and style garden sheds, we are more than aware about the problems you will come across when choosing a garden shed. Our experienced team are at hand and ready to offer you helpful and constructive advice to ensure you choose the right shed for your own individual needs. We offer premium quality garden sheds at competitive prices and we deliver and assemble all over the United Kingdom.