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Top Tips For Wooden Garden Sheds


Gardening tools and equipment tends to increase dramatically with time then an adequate storage facility is a must. You begin with a lawnmower, fork and spade,and before you know it you're inundated with gizmos and implements for caring for your shrubs and flowers.

This is a time when as shed is needed to store all the accessories that you have accumulated, unused flowerpots and perhaps even a work station for sharpening blunt tools or a chair to take a well-earned break from the hustle and bustle of the house. Whatever the reasons, there are a few things you must consider before going out and just buying the first shed you come across.

What Shed size will i need?

Very often it is easy to choose on impulse a cheaper small shed that really is just a tool store and cannot house any additional tools that will be acquired in the passing of time. Anything under 6' x 4' shed plus not having ample room to stand in does not really qualify as being a shed at all.

That's a bare minimum, for sure it might be okay for storage of a few tools and a mower, but if you have assembled a growing mass of must have gardening toys collected not forgetting a lawnmower and numerous electrically powered tools that make garden more efficient, satisfying and more enjoyable.

An 8' x 6' shed is big enough for you to walk into even when it's full of tools.

You can get much larger outdoor sheds than this, which are worth pondering over if you are intending using it for a workshop as well as storage space, but the issue with this idea is the rise in cost as your storage shed requirements become substantially bigger.

Picture on the left of a typical 8 x 6 shed showing that you can store a lot more tools inside plus being able to stand up. The two other pictures showing variants of 6 x 4 sheds that have space to house a few garden implements and being able to stand inside.

What materials to consider for a garden storage shed?

The most common and preferred by its popularity is timber mostly imported from Scandinavia, Russia and Canada that is spruce softwood that comes in different varieties. This breaks down into two commonly used types with a very different quality.

Firstly there is the white wood variety that is widely used buy garden shed manufacturing companies producing lower end of the market products that cater for customers that want to spend as little as possible. As this particular material is relatively cheap to buy they are able to achieve this margin. In the short term this is fine, but as it contains large knots that can fall out leaving gaping holes in your building. Any nailing of this cladding in the vicinity of a knot can result in large splits and even chunks of wood breaking off. This type of cladding is also known to be very brittle when it is bone dry, To help these issues mentioned regular maintenance is key, apply wood preservative and filling in holes left by knots that have fallen out as well as filling in any cracks that start to appear will improve matters considerably.

The best of the two and more expensive is Red wood. When red wood is machined to a tongue and groove profile it becomes very smooth unlike white wood that can have rough patches especially were knot are present. They grain in the wood is closer together and has fewer smaller knots. This means a lot less maintenance is needed, but do take note that all wooden garden buildings will need to be treated and maintained. Failure to do this will result in a shorten lifespan than intended for your garden store. Majority of the higher end of the market back garden sheds are produced using red wood.

Always check the timber from the supplier that it has a FSC stamp in the ends of each length as this is verification  it has been sourced from a sustainable forest.

On the first picture on the left, notice the F S C stamp on the ends of the cladding. The picture in the middle showing a strong framing used for Heavy Duty sheds. End picture showing Packs of Ply boarding that can be used on the floors and roof.

Plastic Sheds.

Other materials are available like metal or plastic that maybe considered for your garden storage. Losing the classic wooden effect a timber shed offers as well as fitting in naturally with garden surroundings.Plastic is much more lighter and very simple in in its construction, just clipping together. They are totally maintenance free, but any kind of damage can be irreparable. This summer (2018)  there has been report of plastic sheds distorting in the heat, so beware of having fires in the garden anything that might be considered a safe distance from your shed might just be enough to do damage.

Metal Sheds.

Metal sheds are a very secure storage facility, but on the downside are very heavy and very difficult to fit together. A sure thing if they are keep well maintained will last a very long time. With all that said metal storage looks more at home in a concrete yard as some kind of mini industrial type unit rather than being situated in a well landscaped garden. On a TV show about transforming a garden presented by Alan Titch marsh in Love Your Garden, when they was forced to remove a metal shed as it was unable to blend into the natural surroundings of the desired look of the garden only to be replaced with a small wooden garden summerhouse.

These are all the aspects and information you need to consider before you go any further. At the end of the day the choice is up to the purchaser.

Suitable Base.

A suitable base will be necessary to have prepared to site your desired back garden shed on whatever material is chosen. If it is slabs of concrete, which is ideal in most scenarios, must be laid perfectly flat and is the responsibility of the customer. This needs to be completed before the arrival of your garden shed to be installed upon. As emphasized it is imperative that bases are constructed as flat as possible as a wooden garden building will form the same shape of the base, if it is uneven, in time causing the doors to seem if they have dropped is a common problem, along with any opening windows being difficult to close properly.

Any dips in the central area of the base is also a problem. When it comes to placing down the shed floor which is constructed on framing, bridging over any large dips in the base will start to bounce when walked across causing items to topple inside the shed, and can be disastrous if things like paint or adhesive. This is the reasons why the base is essential to get it as level as possible.

Some ideas for a base that must be avoided.

  • Building a shed base directly on the lawn using wooden bearers, is not suitable at at all, firstly it is difficult to get level. Secondly, with the weight of the shed it will start to sink and the damp ground that it sits on will start to rot any timbers that are in contact with the ground.

  • Large wooden framework, even if they are level can create a hazard to the assemble team as large panels are carried across, were tripptng carrying heavy panels could lead to serious injury. If the framework is fully boarded with decking this can be suitable providing framework is constructed correctly.

Many shed manufacturing companies will take no liabilities for any issues incurred with sheds if the base is unsatisfactory made, and in some circumstances. refuse installation altogether.

The Floor.

Typically, a wooden garden building will have the same material on the floor and roof. According to the weight of the items intended to be stored in the shed will determine the strength of the floor required. Cost will increase as the thickness of wood or board rises.

O S B boards which is a sterling ply board material that contains wood shavings glued and pressed together. This material is widely used in manufacturing budget range of garden sheds as it can be inexpensive to buy. Under heavier weight it tends to bend as well as not being to good in damp conditions that will weaken, swell and begin to decay the board quite rapidly.

Ply board which is several layers of thin timber sheets glued together is a great alternative. When framework support increased can rise the weight load considerably. The other alternative with ply board is to use a thicker grade and is readilly available in 18 mm thickness. Ply board can stand up to damp much better than O S B board, but will start to separate the layers of board if it is wet for too long. Treating the ply with a decking oil will prevent the water from penetrating the boards and last much longer.

Timber planks are a good product for using as the floor. Generally coming in the thickness of 16 mm are strong, but if the framing underneath are too far apart will weaken the boards and will start to bend underneath weight. If frame is closer together on the underside will increase its weight load potential dramatically. On the down side they swell and shrink considerably if untreated with a damp repellent such as decking oil or wood protective treatment. There has been cases were the boards have expanded to a degree that the shed panels fastened together with screws have broke as the floor becomes to big for shed it is intended for. When the timber shrinks in very dry and warm conditions will leave big gaps in between each board and can be a nightmare if there is any vine weeds present underneath as they will grow through these gaps rapidly twining around anything it comes in contact with if the shed is left for a short while.

Tongue and groove timber is a very good material. As this is machined leaving a smooth surfaced it does not absorbed moisture like the planks mentioned prior which is rough sawn. On the other hand as it is machined it is thinner, coming in 12 mm opposed to 16 mm thick as 4 mm is lost when it goes through the planing process. When attached the the framing keeping the bearers close together will enhance the ability to stand up to heavy loads. It does come in different thicknesses and the cost will grow accordingly. Tongue and groove boards can be quite expensive, red wood being dearer that white wood.

The Roof,

The roof generally in back garden sheds is made from the same materials as the floor. The factors to consider is the span of the building that is increased with width size. On a large span, supporting framework is key before any boarding is thought about. In large apex sheds the use of wooden trusses will add extra support to the roof. Thicker joists need to be put in place running the width in several places if necessary on a Pent roof to prevent any bowing in the roof.

Wooden planks that are used are strong, ,but can add significant weight to the supporting framework , which if is not robust enough will bow. As mentioned previously, rough sawn timber planks expand and shrink, all be it are relatively cheap to purchase. Care must be taken securing felt with clout nails that the do not go in between the planks as it will result in leaking. Due to the movement of this material in dank conditions, when the timber expands can tighten the felt attached on the top pulling on the clout nails and will lift them up a fraction were water can seep through. Protective solvent base treatment is essential to help prevent this problem.

Tongue and groove is another option,more expensive than wooden planks that does not have any gaps appearing as the interlocking of the tongue fits in the groove. Felt can be applied without fear of nailing it on between boards. This machined timber does not move as much as rough sawn planks and is more than adequate at 12 mm thick for a roof that will be covered over with shed felt.

Ply board is more expensive especially if you end up with large cut offs left from boarding out the roof. Great for a roof being felted as there is fractional swelling and shrinking. Quite light in weight and less stress on supporting framework.

Felt Roof Covering.

The roof generally on wooden back garden sheds is covered with felt that is a reasonable product used to prevent water pouring inside the building, it is relatively easy to apply overlapping each strip 4-5 inches allowing water to flow over the felt so it cannot seep underneath when it rains. Tacking the felt strips down with clout nails along the overlapped seems spacing them 4-6 inches apart, Allowing the felt to over hang 3 inches all around the roof to be tacked around the side edges to secure. After roof has been completely covered , fascia boards can be attached with nails to hide any tacks showing a producing the finished article.

There is this to understand about shed felt is that it can be damaged in high winds that can fractionally lift clout nails allowing water to find a way inside. If this does happen you must be prepared to go on the roof and tap the clout nail down securely in the affected area. In certain extreme cases of windy weather, can rip off sections of felt. In cases like this yo)u must be prepared to recover the entire shed.

The expansion of wooden boards in damp and wet conditions on the roof can cause the felt to tighten ( if timber is not treated with the correct product ) forcing the tacks to lift under the strain allowing water to leak in. Short term fix is to hammer the tacks down, but protecting the timber in the first place will reduce the chances of this happening.

If this is something that seems like too much trouble the other most reliable way to seal a wooden garden building is is a toch on asphalt that can be applied by a experienced trades person. The felt strips are knitted together by melting them on with a gas flame gun gluing the seems and making them totally water tight. This can be more expensive, but with up to 15 years guarantee against any leaks is what you pay for.

What About Windows and Doors?

For large wooden sheds, it's a good idea to have opening windows to allow fresh air air inside, but if it is intended to be a storage shed no windows or minimal number of fixed windows to allow adequate light inside would be a cheaper option.

Toughened glass is expensive, but can stand up to most mishaps and if it does break does so safely. Plastic perspex is cheaper to buy. Depending on the thickness will vary the cost plus the strength that will be very robust the thicker the perspex.

When it comes to the doors, think about the way you need to open the door and the position them in conjunction with the garden layout. A door that is placed in such a way that when opened is not hampered by any protruding obstacles, or the ground in front of the door rises up stopping the door from fully opening making it a very bad choice for the placement of any access point. Some wooden sheds can be fitted with sliding doors if there is no other option available in a obstacle rich space. Most metal sheds come as standard with sliding doors if access is a big problem.

Doors that come with an aspen stable locking system do not always fit flush  in the doorway allowing water to find its way behind the door. This can be rectified by attaching a weather strip above the doorway to carry any water away from the door. Pad bolts are a good locking system and keep the door fitting flush  tight in the doorway.

Picture on left showsthe opening windows allows fresh air to circulate inside the building. Pictured in the middle shows this storage shed shows two fixed windows allowing light into the darkest part of the shed. Picture on the right shows this smaller store sheds have no need for windows as the opening of a door will allow adequate light inside.


Hinge and door locking systems need to be screwed on and for extra security fitting bolts that are tightened up on the inside are an excellent way to upgrade the safety of the contents housed within.  Many of the impregnable pad locks for sale on the market are let down when opportunistic thieves merely undo the screws in the hinges to gain access in a garden shed. By replacing a screw in each hinge as well as a screw that is attached to the door with a round top coach bolt, same on any locking system incorporated will increase the security immensely. Locking bars are excellent locking system if you storage shed has double doors. Again screws and bolts used as fixings.

Windows can be secured with slide bolt that locks inside to the window frame so it can not be opened outside.Scale down versions of door locking systems can be applied to increase the level of security, On security sheds ,fixed windows are fitted that are very narrow to prevent any attempts of someone climbing through to get inside.

Picture of left shows Locking bar security for sheds are readily available from eBay. Picture in the middle shows pad bolts are available in most hardware stores and are relatively cheap. This great security system for double doors on wooden sheds. Available on eBay.

All the information provided is a researched and based on experiences also reports to help before you purchase the fist shed for sale. The guidelines on what you want the garden shed for along with pros and cons. From different materials and what the expectations are, Pitfalls and benefits, cheaper to more expensive alternatives compiled to help you on your quest to buy the best shed for all weather.

Storage Buildings. 30th  July  2018.

Autumn Wooden Shed Upkeep tips.

This is the ideal time of year just as Summer is ending and Autumn is arriving to check on the outdoor shed as see if any maintenance is necessary, So in this article i will go through a check list and resolutions to keep your garden shed looking its best and increasing the lifespan.


  1. First thing first a leaking shed is not going to serve the purpose it was intended for. Check out the the felt for wear and if any large birds have pecked any noticable blemishes on the surface with the potential to leak, or maybe you already have a problem with a leak before hand.

  2. Circle on the felt the areas of concern with chalk.

  3. The length that the felt was rolled out originally take a measurement adding 3" on either ending to allow the felt to hang over the sides of the roof. You might be able to find somewhere that will give you a length of felt to save you money in buying a full roll proving the piece required is not to long.

  4. Remove fascia boards carefully on take out the nails.

  5. Next stage you will need a hammer, some clout nails, Stanley knife and a long straight edge ( a plank of wood will do the trick) .

  6. Place the straight edge so it lays in the same direction the felt was rolled out. Get the edge to run right through the damaged areas of felt and level it so that it is parallel to the nearest length of asphalt. Running down the straight edge cut through the felt also down the sides of the roof were it will still be attached.

  7. Peel the severed felt upwards of the slope and roll out the introduced new felt section and slide underneath the old and level it up making sure the felt over hangs on both sides of approximately 3" and is underneath the old section by at least 10". Starting from the middle hammer clout nails in the old felt that overlaps the new about 1 1/2" from the seam. Keep the felt flat working from the center to the edge nail tacks 4 - 5 inches apart. Repeat this process nailing across the seam of the new on top of the old.

  8. Now this is done the process can be repeated alternatively removing all of the felt and asphalting the whole storage building if there are too many issues of concern.

To complete the repair check the condition of the fascia board and if its in a good state nail it back on over the 3" overhanging felt. If a new fascia is required use the old fascia as a template to cut the new exactly to size and nail it on.

Are the Shed Hinges in bad shape?

If the hinges are stiff to open and beginning to bend now is the time to buy a new pair of T- hinges to replace them. This is easy to do by removing the top hinge first and putting the new in the same place as there will be an outline to follow were the old hinge was removed. Some new strong screws to attach them and it is job done. Same applies to the bottom hinge which is done next.

Knot holes and cracks in the cladding.

Inside the shed it is much easier to spot knots that have fallen out as outside light will shone through them. Once you have located the holes that need attention some good smooth off cuts of ply or smooth planks can be cut into about 4 - 5" squares, one for each hole. Using panel pins nail them over each hole making sure they do not stick out on the inside of the shed leaving the heads standing proud so removing the off cuts will be easier.

Once all the holes have been covered mix an estimated amount of quality wood filler and on the inside begin filling all the holes with a plastic filler applicator. When all the holes are filled smooth them over and leave it to set hard over night. 

Follow day remove the 4" cut offs from the outside of your garden shed and lightly sand paper the hardened filler till smooth if necessary. After check if there is any cracks in the timber cladding especially were it is nailed to the frame in the corners. If cracks are appearing mix wood filler and fill them. The corners can be a little unsightly when they are weathered and if this happens to be the case putting on corner strips is a nice cheap and effective option.

To do the corner strips you will need 4 strips of 3" 12 mm timber the height of the front of the shed and 4 strips the same height of the back. Nail the side strips on first right on the edges in line with the cladding that is on the front and the back. The remaining 4 strips are placed so they overlap but flush with the side strips. Once this is completed it is ready to apply a good branded solvent based wood protective treatment in the color you prefer (if the wood is dull a dark color works best ).

Shed Treatment Time.

Now all the preparation is complete a good coating inside and out will transform your aging looking shack into a very new looking as well as increasing the life span considerably. Once the treatment has been applied the last thing to consider is the floor.

Backyard Shed Floor.

Making sdre the floor remains in the best possible condition it is worth thinking about applying the correct product to help achieve this. The floor takes a bit of abuse over time walking in and out wuth muddy footwear and getting it went when regular visits are made to the garden shed when it has been raining. For this purpose a good decking oil or linseed oil is a great solution when it is allowed to soak right in and forms a thick dry oily surface on the outside of the wood. Clean and sweep well before application. All is looking great just to clean the windows if you shed contains them and there you are just stand back and take a look at you new revitalized garden storage, looks good hey !!.


Wooden Summer Houses For Less Than £1200.00 With Installation Included!             

13th July 2018.

Can you believe you can have a beautiful well made and strong summerhouse at this price or less ? here at Aston Sheds in Birmingham we are offering you the chance of these prices.

Several different designs to choose from. All are made with quality ship lap tongue and groove timber cladding 2" x 1.5" Thick frame work as standard

A great place to spend time in your garden and relax leaving the hustle and bustle of the outside world behind. Creating your own tranquil space to enjoy chilling out.

Large Sheds - Workshops - Things To Take Into Account Before Buying A Shed. 

11th July 2018

Here at Aston Sheds Limited our Garden Sheds are made to your requirement including the space in your garden available were you are thinking of siting your garden building. This is manage by own team of shed makers and can adapt your entire building to your bespoke design including window and door placement.

Measuring the space available.

In designing your garden building you will have to take some measurements on the size of area you want the shed to be situated making sure that none of the space has any restrictions but any extra area space can be a bonus if your attempting a larger building. Some restriction around the space can be big problem if the doors or any other access point is to built in that vicinity. Large and taller garden buildings is a good idea to check with the local council to be sure there is no planning permission required before work commences  or checking out the Planning Permission Calculator.

Intended uses

The use intended inside the workshop will play a strong role in the design. Thinking on the amount of light you need inside shed for example if you was going to use it for hobbies and crafts more light is essential and on the other hand for storage a lot of windows would be pointless. A good workshop should include adequate access if large work surface are to be added to the interior preferably under the light source to see much clearer on the job in hand. Storage buildings if large items are going to be resident consider adding double doors to your garden building.

Strength and quality.

This aspect of the desired garden building needs careful planning especially if the work you need to do inside is heavy and demanding extra strength in your workshop. A cheap budget pre packed self assembly might seem like the answer but the below standard framing and cladding will not last the duration when subjected to this kind of use. A more robust framed version with quality cladding will last far longer especially if a little maintenance is given to your shed annually. Thicker boarding on the base will be paramount along with a well prepared slab, concrete or decking prepared base were the garden building will sit. Base has to be perfectly level as the framing underneath your floor boarding will bend or even break will the extra load it will be supporting. This would breach any guarantees issued by the manufacturer. Framing needs to be a minimum of 50 mm x 38 mm or thicker if your budget allows.

More on shed bases.

The part is the most important here are some of the problems.

1. Wooden bearers on the lawn. A shed on top of this will site and the floor will begin to rot

2. Uneven base. Over time the shed will form the same layout of the base causing the doors to look if they have drooped and will be difficult to close and may come impossible .

3. A sloping base. This will put a tilt on your shed and make it lean and will time the shed will start to distort in shape looking as if it will eventually concertina to the ground as its own weight will take over

4. A dip in the center of the base. Any rain fall will find its way underneath and can start to rot especially if drainage is inadequate.

These are the main issues to consider when deciding on having a garden building or workshop and hope this article helps you achieve what you are looking for.

Summerhouses why not treat yourself ?

  4th July 2018.

Summertime and people are enjoying the weather and spending a lot of time in the garden from barbecues, family get together and just having friends round for a social event. Now maybe the time to add some real character to the feel plus adding purpose enhancing the pleasure of spending time outdoors that a summerhouse can offer. The beauty about doing this is it does not have to cost a bomb and can be achieved on a modest budget.

Taking into account that size and any extras will reflect on the price. Here at Aston Sheds in Birmingham have a great variety of summerhouses that are budget friendly that are well worth looking at providing several popular models. this does not have to end there with added extras like window styles and sizes, single or double doors with built in windows and a choice of veranda whether it is just a style option or large enough to accommodate a seating area you can really personalize it to suit your requirements and look.

Depending on the amount of funds to your disposal you might decide on a bigger size and create a self styled summerhouse. First things first to much cladding on the front of the building it will start to resemble a large shed not a good look if you want a relaxing summer garden retreat. Allowing in plenty of light is key, by adding enough matching windows some might be fixed and others opening all matching the selected doors that contain windows of similar pattern will start the appearance that is desired. Veranda can be really attractive that well planted hanging baskets can be attached with ease producing a magical floral ambiance with large planters full of colored flowers displayed round the sides and from can be an amazing sight. If the veranda intended is large enough to place a table and chairs what a beautiful lifestyle choice to have lunch outdoors in a surrounding so beautiful on a summers evening.

If this is something you would like to achieve in your garden call on Aston Sheds in Birmingham, West Midlands and we will be happy to assist you creating your world in your quest to build a perfect retreat in the garden. 


Garden Tool Storage -  In Birmingham

1st July 2018.

Outdoor Sheds - For You

Ranging from large garden buildings used in smaller industries and farming down to the domestic garden shed that is fundamentally used for the storage of garden tools and equipment to hazardous flammable liquids such as oils and gasoline that are unsuitable to store in the home. Also custom built variations to the preference of the customer and requirements, like double doors or maybe two single doors that create two access points, the amount of windows which can be made in different sizes and designs, opening or fixed options that can give a totally unique appearance.

Smaller garden were space is limited the homeowner has restricted options will the available area on offer in the garden to install a store facility to house tools, paint and similar equipment. There is a great choice of store options to combat this problem with a multiple size variations to cope with most awkward area dimensions. Most of the range of popular garden sheds can made to suit and with quality sheaving built inside you can be pleasantly surprised of the amount that can be put inside. Most there wooden shed options are affordably priced to cater for most budgets but also rise slightly with any extras the customer requires making it more bespoke and to match the layout of the garden.

Are you looking for a large garden storage building ?.

 Aston Sheds Limited is a company of Birmingham based shed builders, we can construct most types and size of wooden building that blends in with the natural surroundings of the garden providing a quality and strong storage solution as we[[ as an eye catching feature. For the best option on garden buildings call in on Aston Sheds.

Sheds Birmingham

20th June 2018

What do you want of your garden shed? Do you want a spacious Supremo Pent? A Pent shed with double doors? A shed without windows?

A shed with double doors will make it easier for the owner to pass large lawnmowers and the like through the shed opening. Lawnmowers are generally kept in either sheds or garages. Wherever you house your lawnmower, it’s important that its storage building is safe and secure. Lawnmowers are increasingly becoming a target for thieves, so it’s vital to ensure you enlist the services of quality garden shed manufacturers who can build a shed that’s difficult to break into.

A wooden garden shed needs to be a sturdy, robust structure, capable of withstanding even the harshest of weather conditions. A garden shed is erected for purposes of practicality as it’s primarily used as an outdoor storage facility. However, most of us will want our garden shed to be an attractive feature of our garden or outside space.

For variety, quality and flexibility, Aston Sheds can custom-build your wooden garden shed to suit your needs and to sit well within your available outdoor space

Wooden Storage Sheds in the Midlands - 3rd August 2014

Sheds, sheds, sheds. We all like a well-built, pleasing-to-look-at shed in our back garden, on our allotment, or anywhere else for that matter. All you need is space for installation.

Sheds provide you with a variety of garden storage solutions, and let’s face it, we never have enough storage space in our homes. It’s often the spare room or the cupboard under the stairs which gets turned, unceremoniously, into a kind of dumping ground for all our excess dross. So even if you don’t have much of a garden and wouldn’t need a shed for garden equipment and supplies, a shed can just as easily be kitted out to store any goods which no longer fit inside your home.

For most gardens, a domestic wooden storage shed works well, built to your requirements and size specification.  The cheapest ‘DIY’ sheds are available in kit form, but for a long-lasting, good value shed for your garden it’s best to have one constructed from scratch.

Larger sheds are usually constructed of wood and can include windows and electoral power outlets. They can be used for storing large quantities of firewood as well as garden tools, lawn mowers and anything else which needs protection from the elements.

Building wooden storage sheds is our business at Aston Sheds. We can supply you with the wooden storage shed that you require.