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Aston Shed Zone is a Birmingham company. We sell a large selection of wooden pre-made garden sheds for sales as well as playhouses. Installation available on most wooden buildings, plus cheap delivery within our 20 mile radius. Order from us now and get your brand new garden shed!


The Supremo shed, simply the best

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Forgotten Favorite Becomes Best Seller.

We first made this shed a few years ago for a customer who wanted it for a gymnasium. He came in with his unique design of the shed, after looking at his request it was an unusual design but came across as very eye catching.

After agreeing on a price we went about manufacturing his design to his exact requirements.

The day it was due to be delivered and installaed it was a beautiful summers days without a single cloud in the sky.

The shed was an unusual size at the time measuring 19x7 as we had never manufactured such a size , this was the first.

After loading the pre-fab sections the journey was near by in the West midlands, which was convenient as no time was wasted on the distance of travel.

On arrival the customer took us through the wide ally leading to his garden. He had a prefectly prepared base ready for installation measuring 20ft x 8ft in size.

Locating the panels into the garden around the base was simple due to the suitable access and the installation was easy and took little time. The flat base ensured everything sat nice and level. The floor was constructed first followed by back panels , side panels and fronts, before we realised the roof was on and we where ready to go felting. As the customer had paid for the shed to be protected and treated in a summer tan color the shed looked fantastic on this sunny day.

With a bright blue sky in the background this was the perfect setting for a photograph. After taking numerous snapshots the customer was delighted with his purchase. We collected our tools and exchanged pleasantries and left.

From that day till a 2 years ago I never knew what happened to them amazing pictures. I was gutted I could not find them as I was sure this type of shed would get noticed. As I said 2 years ago they popped up in some old software. I was over the moon as I thought these visuals had gone for ever. I cleaned uo the images and uploaded them to the website , the Supremo had been born.

I uploaded the Supremo shed on buy and sell sites as well as the website and straight away we started to get a lot of enquires which in turn resulted in numerous sales.

Now 2 years on the Supremo is the most sort after and most popular shed we manufacture and is now almost a tradesmake of Aston Sheds Limited.

Garden workshops galore.

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It must be the time of year who knows?,

Autunm has arrived and winter is quickly arriving, this just maybe the reason for the surge of enquiries about workshop, somewhere to pass the cold evenings doing things that you enjoy that is too much hassle in the house.

Only last week we had delivered and installed a large workshop to a Mr and Mrs Collier in Watford ( apparently his was was treating him ) so he could restore his antiqe collection of woodworking tools, ( my guess is she wanted him out house when is doing his thing.

The shed they wanted was a 14 x 8 The Evesham, , one of the sheds for sale that has all the traits to be kiited out inside , perfect as a garden workshop that is pleasing to the eye. The pent roof allowing water to run off the shed at the back, double doors to gain access with larger equipment and plenty of light through several windows.

Afterr nearly two hours the erection was complete and Mrs Coolier came to look at her husbands part time home!! " Well its bigger than i thought it will keep him from under my feet" she said with a smile.

Mr Collier came over to inspect his domain. "What do you think?" "Yes bloody ideal and crikey it's strong, do i need to treating?" "All wooden structures require treatment" the installation team advised, "preferabley wood protection that is solvent based should be app;ied as soon as possible to prevent premature weathering.

There is some very helpfull tips and advice in the articles on our website that will guide you through all the maintenance enabling the lifespan of your workshop will be extended for many years to come.

We are happy to say that the Colliers was over the moon with there purchase and remarked they would reccommend Aston Sheds to friends and family.

Custom Made Sheds. What Is Your Ideal Garden Shed ?

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You Can Win !

Aston Sheds are asking the public what there perfect looking shed would look like. We would love to hear from you and some authentic ideas that you would love to see incorporated. Starting with the shape of the roof if an apex maybe you prefer it to slope further down on one side than the other for example. Were the the windows are placed, how big or long they are and how many. the choice is yours any idea is a good one if it can serve all the purposes required. Cost effective to build is the last thing to consider and you could WIN a 12’ in x 6’ bespoke shed that you helped to created.

The Best Idea Wins There own Custom Built Shed.

If you think you might have a great idea please send an email to astonsheds@gmail . com along with you design. Any winning design we will replicate and will be added to our products

Sheds can be so much more.

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Something more than just a Shed.

Considered by most people as the way to hide junk or tools that are rarely used, this doesn’t have to be the case.With a little thought you could transform a humble wooden shack into some you enjoy going and spending some tranquil time and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday matters and create a stress free environment tailored just for you.

Maybe you would like to extend on a hobby or turn it into a workshop were you can potter about to your heart is content. Here at Aston Sheds have made to somebody s requirements a tailor made shed they wanted to become a small workshop but had the look and feel of something a bit different.

Subtle change to a shed favorite..

Working off the idea of a very popular garden shed with an apex roof, they asked to have the access on the gable end plus under the eaves. This in turn meant the shed needed to be taller to make sure full size doors could be fitted. Double doors was the next difference to allow maximum access for and larger items intended going inside.

Now all this was noted the windows and how many. As the idea originally was they wanted something a little different we suggested having crossed decorative window effect to give that summerhouse appeal, without any hesitation they agreed.

Bring to there attention that the timber would need a wood protective treatment applied to seal there timber on the shed they opted for the clear solvent based treatment as the liked the color of the standard wood coloring Summer Tan.

When the order was complete and was assembled in there garden they was overjoyed with the look and the idea of kitting it out exactly to his personal requirements and to set about his hobby of making predator fishing lures that he was hoping to sell.

Aston Sheds News And Views

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The summer months are an ideal time to purchase a new shed. Here at we are all over the United Kingdom meeting the needs and demands of our satisfied customers.

This week we travelled as far as Eastbourne with one of our very popular 18 x 8ft Supermo garden timber sheds.

The installation was recorded and and will shortly be posted on our you tube page so the finished product can be seen by all our future potential customers.

Our customer down in Eastbourne, Mr Harris had these kind words to say about our service and product " I was a little apprehensive about ordering a shed from Aston Sheds Limited as they were nearly 200 miles away as they are based in the Midlands.

However I took a punt with them as there prices could not be match by any companies local to me.

Also the shed came with installation which would save me hours of time and effort should I have needed to fit myself.

Well I need not of worried in the slightest , the shed arrived on the date we had agreed and and was installed to a high standard within 2 hours. The quality of the shed once erected was superb and I am delighted with my purchase. I would have no issue recommending Aston Sheds Limited to any of my family and friends should they be looking to purchase a new shed in future"

As well as the summer being an ideal time to purchase a new shed , it is also the perfect time to provide your already existing garden shed with a bit of much needed maintenance, to ensure you get the maximum life out of your garden shed. Our website can provide valid and relevant information on products and tips to ensure you are providing the best possible treatment to your garden shed.

We are constantly updating our website with images of all the sheds we are manufacturing for our customers , so regular visits to our website will ensure you do not miss any of new garden shed creations.