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The wooden garden room

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Extra Home Space Alternative

--Back in summer we got a request for a bespoke size summer house. Mr Smith rung us to enquire about a 24x14 ft Summer House.

The reason he required his shed to be so large was that he was planning to purchase a his own man cave. A must for this man cave was ample space to allow plenty of room for a top of the range heavy duty American pool table.

During our conversation it became apparent that not only would this pool table be very large but it would also be incredibly heavy .

All our sheds come with a sturdy 12mm Smooth finished hardened ply, however on this occassion this would not be suffice for the requirements needed to supoport this pool table.

Therefore we discussed with Mr Smith the option of providing an 18mm re-inforced hardened ply floor which would be more than sufficent for his needs. There was an increased for the uograde, however Mr Smith was more than happy to pay a little extra for us to meet his requirements.

Another first we encountered on this particular job would be the need to support a 14ft by 24ft span roof sufficently to ensure the would be no bowing. We acheived this by fitting 5 by 2 and 4 by 2 solid timber joists thoughout the shed , thus providing the much needed support this large roof required.

Also as Mr Smith pointed out it provided a real heavy duty looking finish from the interior of the shed.

Mr Smith was not yet finished with his list of requirements, he want us to design a summer house style looking shed but maximise the space.

This is were we came up with "The garden room" design with 4 beautiful crossed large opening windows either side of double doors that also had crossed windows in each door.

This design varies from the majority of our summer house options as they come with veranda's overhanging roof's and fancy wooden banisters, all these features where removed to allow more interal space.

We was very happy with the final outcome and finish of the design but more importantly Mr Smith was very pleased with his summerhouse.

The whole process from finalising the order to manufacturing and installing the shed took around 5 weeks as our lead times tend to be longer during our busy summer months. Everyone wants a new shed in the sunshine. There was one lesson to be learnt from this particular order. On installation our fitting and loading team forgot to load the timber corner strips for the garden room.

This was an error to which we fully rectified, however it did take us 3 week to complete. Mr Smith was extremely patient in waiting for this to be completed, however going forward on the odd occasion our loaders do miss an item of mistakenly we will look to reduce the time frame and look to resolve much quicker.

Since the Summer the garden room summer house/shed has become a very popular design for our customers, we think this is down to the beautiful look this shed provides, and also the great value for money you get for such a large shed.