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Aston Shed Zone is a Birmingham company. We sell a large selection of wooden pre-made garden sheds for sales as well as playhouses. Installation available on most wooden buildings, plus cheap delivery within our 20 mile radius. Order from us now and get your brand new garden shed!

Large wooden garden shed 15 x 8 foot, delivered to the delighted Bennett family from Gloucestershire.

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This week we paid a visit to the Bennett family from gloucestershire. After much delibaration they decided to order a 15x8 The swanage apex storage shed. After a lenghty conversation with one of our collegues, the bennetts decided the swanage apex shed provided the finish both were looking for to complete there garden shed project. They also decided to opt for the extra service of treating there shed proffesionally with our barrentine solvent base wood preservative. (highly recommended for all shed purchases). Finally the date arrived when we would be delivering and installing the shed for bennett's. Mrs bennett in particular seemed to be extremely excited for her new shed, as shed called the day before her delivery to ensure we were all ready for our trip to Gloucsetershire, and for good measure she called again, dead on 8am (Our opening time) to ensure all was still going to plan. We reassued her all was going to plan and we would be on site within a few hours. Our fitting team arrived to an excited bennett family and began installing there new garden. After approximaetly 90 minutes and 3 cups of coffee, our fitting team had completed the installation and the bennett had a large 15x8 brand new shed as a new addition to there garden. On there return to the depot our fitting team informed us that both Mr and Mrs Bennett were completely satisfied with there newly installed garden shed. Mrs Bennett stated " I am delighted with the quality and size of my new shed. It is much more spacious than I envisaged. The overall look is spot on and the dark brown treatment is the exact look I was hoping for ". We encourage feedback from all our valued customers , however it is much sweeter when you surpass your goal of meeting your customers expectations and requirements. The bennett family were a delight to do business with and all at Aston Sheds wish you well for the future and many years of enjoyment with your new garden shed.