Sheds Zone-Heavy duty wooden sheds for sale

Shed Zone is a Birmingham company. We sell a large selection of wooden Pre-made garden sheds for & Playhouses. Installation available, on most wooden buildings, plus cheap delivery over our 20 mile free radius. Order Now !!.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Base do I need? - We recommend that you have a solid base made of slabs or concrete thats slightly bigger then your ordered shed, however we cant supply this base

  2. Do The Sheds come with a Base? - our sheds come with a wooden base, however this is not made to be on the floor so we emphasise question 1

  3. Does the price include fitting? - Yes the price does include fitting and we will deliver anywhere in England and Wales but unfortunately we can't deliver to Scotland

  4. Is there a delivery charge? - The delivery is free within 30 miles from the post code B81QF after that it is £1.20 per mile

  5. How far do you deliver? - we will deliver anywhere in England and Wales but unfortunately we can't deliver to Scotland

  6. What are the sheds made from? - 12 mm ship lap tongue and groove cladding, 16 mm timber planks for the floor and roof , 45 mm x 28 mm for the framing, this is doubled up on the roof

  7. Are the sheds guaranteed? - The sheds are structurally guaranteed for 12 months however if they are looked after correctly they will last much longer

  8. Are the roof's felted? - Yes our roofs are felted at no extra cost

  9. Do the doors come with a lock? - We do not provide a lock however we do provide the pad bolt as standard

  10. Will we come through your house? - No we will not come through your house under any circumstances as we will not take responsibility for breaking anything

  11. Is the felt Guaranteed? - no the felt is not Guaranteed but if it leaks call us immediately and we will be round to fix it as soon as possible

  12. How can I pay? - you can pay via card, cash, paypal or cheque but if you via cheque you will have to wait until it has cleared until the shed will be fitted, with a cash payment we will only accept it on a local delivery but phone us to query


Contact us now if you have any more questions

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